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PVTECH Exhibited HK International Lighting Fair(2018 Autumn Edition)

Exhibition: 2018 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)

Fair Dates: 27-30 October 2018 (Saturday - Tuesday)

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Booth: 5C-F31 & 5C-E32

October 27, 2018, the 20th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair was opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, gathered more than 2700 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions, which hits a historical high. The exhibition also welcomed the first exhibitors of Lithuanian, Macao and Portuguese Enterprises. It is an ideal business platform for global exhibitors and buyers to facilitate industry exchanges and enhance opportunities for negotiation.

This is the 9th time for PVTECH to participate in the autumn Hongkong lighting exhibition. After years of precipitation and accumulation, the small booth welcomes a lot of visitors, echoing the laughter and laughter of old customers. Even for new customers, PVTECH is no longer unfamiliar strangers. Years of strong presence in the exhibition have made these familiar newcomers plant flowers of friendship in their hearts, waiting for their roots to germinate.

It is worth mentioning that this year's decoration style is slightly different from the past. There is more sense of North American style, which can be seen by the certification signs of exhibition board. Up to now, PVTECH has more than 300 products obtained North American certification(UL/ETL/DLC). With the gradual improvement of certification, coupled with excellent quality and competitive prices, the North American market is opening up more and more!


New Launch!

1.   T5 Type A+B

High Lumen Out: T5 4ft 3300lm

2 in 1: Ballast compatible, double ended ballast bypass

Safety: Constant power output when work with ballast

2.    High Efficiency Tube  211lm/W!

PF0.99, THD<5%

Flicker rate<0.2%

Full spectrum optional

3.    Smart Linear Light

Convenient maintenance

DALI 2.0, Sensor, Emergency function available

Optional Beam Angle: 120°/90°/60°/25°

Flicker Free

4.    Mini Tri-proof Light with Emergency Function

IP66, IK10, Linkable
3hrs Emergency lighting
Battery replaceable, easy maintenance
Battery Lifespan: 1000 circles




Xiamen PVTECH Co., Ltd +86-592-2658881
Unit 28 Yangtai Road, Xinyang Industrial Zone, Haicang District,Xiamen,China

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