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Warranty Policy

This document sets forth the warranty policy of the PVTECH (sales) organization from which you (Purchaser) purchase your LED Lamps.

This warranty policy is subject to the provisions as set forth herein and is subject to the terms and conditions as attached to this document ( Warranty Terms and Conditions)

This warranty policy only applies if referred to in a sales agreement between PVTECH and the purchaser and it will replace the standard warranty clause provided in the PVTECH general terms and conditions of sale.

A. Warranty period

Subject to the provisions as set forth in the Warranty Terms and Conditions and as set forth hereunder, Purchaser receives the warranty for the applicable period, as described in table 1 hereunder.

LED tubes/ bulb warranty    Period
LED Tube                         3 years

B.Special Conditions 

  • The warranty period starts on the delivery date of  the invoice.       

  • An extended warranty or customized project warranty can beagreed upon after evaluation of the specific application conditions.

This warranty only covers Products applied withintheir ‘intended’ or ‘normal use’ as defined by:

 • operatingconditionsareinaccordance with theinformation on theProductsandits packaging.

 • Ambient temperature never exceeds the operating temperaturerange -30℃to +45℃

 • Products have been properly installed and operated In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

C. Summary Warranty Terms and Conditions 

•  PVTECHswarrantyflows only to Purchaser. If any product covered by this warranty is returned by Purchaser.

PVTECH determines to its satisfaction that such Product failed to satisfy this warranty, PVTECH will, at its option, repair or replace the Product or reimburse Purchaser for the purchase price. Now PVTECH tend to replace a new product to Purchaser in the next shipment or by air if necessary depends on Purchasers requirement. So that to deal with the urgent thing at the first time.

•  If PVTECH chooses to replace the Product and is not able to do so because it has been discontinued or is not available, PVTECH may refund the purchaser or replace the product with a comparable product( that can show small deviations in design and product specification)

• Labourcosts for(de-)installation ofthe Products are not covered under this warranty.




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